JDP Econ Study Participants


We want to thank all of the participants in any of our past or recent projects, including, but not limited, to those listed below. This includes the park rangers of the National Park Service in providing data and information for America's Best History, the project resources for the baseball statistics project, including Sean Foreman and baseball-reference.com, baseball-databank.org, and Sean Lahman.

Projects and Participation


Alan Abel, Journalist, Foreign Desk, National Post (Toronto), Media New York World's Fair, New York Tribune.
Carl Abbott, History Professor, Portland State University.
Judith Adams, Director of Lockwood Library, State University of New York-Buffalo, Historian/Technology Author.
Ted Allan, Former President of the Bureau of International Exhibitions, U.K. Foreign Exhibitions Service/Project Director U.K. Pavilions 1958-2000.
Michael Allen, Professor of History and American Studies, University of Washington-Tacoma.
Daniel Amato, Food Service, Collector/Historian, Director of the Columbus Antiques Mall and Museum.
Richard Amero, Historian, San Diego Historical Society.
Robert Anders, Exhibitor, Industrial Designer, Project Director, Scott Paper Pavilion and Traveler's Insurance Pavilion, New York World's Fair 1964-5; Project Director, Petroleum Industrial Pavilion, Louisiana World Exposition, New Orleans 1984.
Victor Atiyeh, Governor of Oregon 1980-1988.
Heloise Barbuy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Historian.
Neil Baxter, Neil Baxter Associates, Architect, Events Planner, Glasgow, Scotland.
Dr. Gilbert Bell, Curator Strathclyde Museum, Glasgow, Scotland, Historian.
Rebecca Bell, Exhibitor/Participant, Brisbane 1988, Expo Bird House.
Burton Benedict, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, University of California-Berkeley; Author; Exhibitor/Participant, Festival of Britain 1951.
Jacques Bertrand, University of Quebec, Historian.
Bonnie Blake, Trans Mississippi Exposition Historical Association President.
Norm Bolotin, Laing Communications, Author/Historian/Publisher, Seattle, Washington.
Craig Bond, REMI Economic/Demographic Input/Output Forecasting Model.
Jim Brandt, President of the Bureau of Government Research (New Orleans), Vice President of Planning, Louisiana World Exposition 1984.
Lisa Bresnehan, Publicity Director, Australia Pavilion, Expo 2000 Hannover.
Carson Brewer, Columnist, Knoxville News Sentinel.
Rodney Brouard, United Kingdom, Exhibitor, President of the Guernsey Growers Association, participant in AIPH Garden Expos.
Patrick Burniat, Professor of Architecture, Curator at La Cambre Institute of Architecture and Communications, Brussels, Belgium.
Per J. Bye, Exhibitor, Norway Pavilion, Hannover World's Fair 2000.
Andre Capiteyn, Historian/Researcher, Archivist Ghent City Archives, Ghent, Belgium.
Barbara Carlson, Press Representative New England Exhibit, New York World's Fair 1964-5, Media Hartford Courant, Historian.
Robert Carriker, Professor of History, Gonzaga University, Assistant Manager Ford Pavilion at Expo 74, Spokane, Washington 1974.
John E. Carter, Nebraska State Historical Society.
Curtis Cates, Terri Marlow, Documentary Film Production, New York, U.S.A.
Stephen Chappell, Graphic Designer.
Swati Chattapadhyay, Professor of History of Art & Architecture, University of California - Santa Barbara, Author.
George Chesworth, Chief Executive Officer, Glasgow Garden Festival 1988.
Ward J. Childs, Archivist/Historian, Philadelphia City Archives.
Joo-Kyun Choi, Exhibit Technology Advisor, Osaka Garden Expo 1990; President, Korean Horticultural Producers Association. Els Clemens, Horticultural Exhibition Press Representative, International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH).
Margaret Cogswell, National Association of American Art, Smithsonian Institution (retired); American Federation of Arts, Associate for Foreign Exhibitions, Exhibitor/Associate American Pavilion, Brussels World's Fair 1958.
King Cole, President of Expo 74 Spokane International Exposition Authority, Executive Consultant for Knoxville International Exposition 1982.
Terrance Cole, Professor of History, University of Alaska-Fairbanks.
Yvonne Condon, Historian, Missouri Historical Society.
Betsey Creekmore, Associate Executive Vice Chancellor, University of Tennessee; Researcher.
Clyde Crews, Professor of Religion Bellarmine College, Louisville Historian.
John Debenham, Engineer; Popular Culture PHD Candidate, London, England.
Jens Dengler, Historian, Berlin, Germany.
Ludger Derenthal/Andrea Lesjak, Hannover Expo 2000 Historians.
Matt Dewaelsch, San Antonio Hemisfair Archivist/Historian, San Antonio Public Library.
Catherine DiBello, English Professor - Shippensburg University.
Marshall Dill, Jr., Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Stanford University, Son of Exposition President, Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco 1939-40.
David Dunstan, National Centre for Australian Studies, Monash University, Clayton, Australia.
Richard Dusterberg, Historian/Author.
Anders Ekstrom, Professor of History, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.
Matthew Esposito, Professor of History, Drake University, U.S.A.
Godfrey Evans, National Museum of Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland. Klaus-Juergen Evert, Participant/City Coordinator, Stuttgart Garden Expo (IGA) 1993.
Neil Felgenhauer, Spokane Spokesman Review.
Fred Ferretti, Media New York Tribune, New York World's Fair 1964-5.
John Findlay, Professor of History, University of Washington.
John Findling, Professor of History, Author, Indiana University Southeast.
Albert Fisher, Albert Fisher Television, Academy Award Nominee, Director of Television & Movies, Expo 67 Montreal, and New York World's Fair 1964-5.
Neil Fisher, University of Aberdeen.
Franklin Garrett, Atlanta Historical Center.
John Gaul, Palace of Fine Arts, Exploratorium, 1915 San Francisco Expo legacy institution.
Alexander Geppert, European University Institute, Department of History, Firenze, Italy.
David Glassberg, Professor of History, University of Massachusetts.
Andreas Gross, Historian, Switzerland.
Henry Guerra, Public Relations Officer, Liaison Officer for Foreign Exhibits, Hemisfair 1968, San Antonio.
Howard Hamilton, Professor of Omaha History, Metro College.
Earl S. Hamlin, Alameda County (Oakland, California) Planning Commission, Investment Banker.
D. Clive Hardy, Special Collections, University of New Orleans Library, Historian/Archivist/Author.
Bruce Harvey, Historian/Sociologist, Author, Charleston, SC.
Penelope Harvey, Historian/Journalist, United Kingdom.
Aaron T. Heverin, Buffalo History Works.
Bevis Hillier, Author/Historian, London, England.
Peter Hoffenberg, Professor of History, University of Hawaii, Author.
Charles Holmes, President of Spitz, Inc., West Chester, Pa. (Exhibition Technology, domed & other visualization systems); Vancouver Expo 86 (Canadian IMAX), Expo 92 Seville, Spain (Spanish National Pavilion, Puerto Rico), Expo 93, Taejon, South Korea (Samsung, Sunkyung).
Stirlin Holmesly, Editor of the San Antonio Express-News, Press San Antonio Hemisfair 1968, Author.
Stanley K. Hunter, Historian, Exhibition Study Group (UK), Glasgow, Scotland.
Jean Claude Huot, Civil Engineer, Montreal Expo 67.
Matthew James, Technology Policy Advisor - Australian National Government.
Yves Jasmin, Communications Director, Expo 67, Montreal, Canada, Author.
Jan Jones, Historian/Author, Fort Worth, Texas.
Joseph M. Judge, Curator Hampton Roads Naval Museum.
Allan Katz, Allan Katz & Associates Advertising Agency, Reporter for New Orleans Times-Picayune, Louisiana World Exposition 1984.
Michael Kelly, Dr., San Diego Expo Enthusiast/Historian.
Pierre Kenyon, Airline Tariff Agent, Dallas, Texas.
Carlos Kessel, Architectural Historian; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Matthew Klingle, PHD Candidate, History Department, University of Washington.
Carl E. Kramer, Professor of History, University of Indiana-Southeast, Louisville Historian.
Johan Lagae, Professor of Architecture, University of Ghent, Belgium, Historian, Author.
Fred Lavin, Attorney/Historian, President Pan American Collectors Society.
Donald G. Larson, Professor of History, Fresno City College, originator of the Larson Collection on International Fairs and Expositions, University of California, Fresno.
Judy Larson, Historian/Curator, Author.
Bobby Lawrence, Museum Historian, Parthenon Museum, Nashville, Tennessee.
Martin Lefkowitz, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Economic Policy Division.
Martin Lengwiler, Swiss Historian.
Leonard Levitan, Levitan Design Group, Master Site Planning/Exhibit & Pavilion Planning, Montreal Expo '67, Osaka Expo '70, Knoxville Expo '82, Louisiana World Expo 1984, Vancouver Expo '86, Seville Expo '92, Taejon Expo '93.
Vincente G. Loscertales, Secretary-General Bureau of International Expositions, President of International Participation, Seville Expo '92.
Fred Lounsberry, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Universal Studios Florida; Admissions Director, Knoxville International Energy Exposition 1982; Admissions Director, Louisiana World Exposition, New Orleans 1984; VP Sales and Marketing, Expo 86, Vancouver, Canada 1986.

More Participants

Martin Manning, United States Information Agency, U.S. Department of Commerce, Department of State (U.S. Pavilions at Foreign Fairs from Brussels 1958 forward, Archivist, Popular Culture Association.
Red McCombs, McCombs Auto Enterprises; Owner, Minnesota Vikings; Executive Director, Hemisfair 1968, San Antonio.
Ronald McCormick, Software Engineer.
Jan McKelvie, WFCS/TMEHA Member, Popular Culture Association.
John McKenzie, Son of Participant, 1938 Glasgow Empire Exhibition; Professor of History, University of Lancaster, Lancaster, England. Editor/Author, Manchester University Press. Ronald J. Mahoney, Archivist/Historian, Larson Collection, University of California-Fresno.
Erik Mattie, Author/Architectural Historian, Netherlands. Ralph Monaco, Inforum Interindustry Forecasting at the University of Maryland.
Jim Moran, Historian.
Frank Manupelli, Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Hemisfair 1968, San Antonio, Director-Senior PGA Tour Event, San Antonio.
Patricia Morton, Professor of History, University of California - Riverside, Author.
Gene A. Mueller, Historian/Researcher, Trans-Mississippi Exposition Historical Association.
Marvin Nathan, Professor of Humanities, San Francisco State University.
Harvey Newman, Professor, School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University.
Mandy Neuwelaerts/Carolyn Terryn, Historians/Authors, Antwerp, Belgium.
James Ogul, Special Projects Director, United States Information Agency (U.S. Treasury/State Departments), United States National Pavilions 1982-1998.
Martin Packer, Historian, President of the Festival of Britain 1951 Society.
Michael Pender, Director of State Exhibits, New York World's Fair Authority 1964-5, Co-founder of (WFCS) World's Fair Collector Society.
Fred Peskett, Engineer for the Festival of Britain, Historian, London, England.
Jock Phillips, Heritage Group, New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs.
Gaylon Polatti, Dallas Historical Society.
Stephen Poser, Professor of Architecture, History, Cottbus University, Cottbus, Germany.
Norbert Poulain, President of Interbellum, University Library, University of Ghent; Ghent, Belgium.
Thomas J. Prasch, Professor of History, Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas; Researcher/Author.
George Prescott, Director of Washington State Tourism Promotion, Administrative Assistant to Washington State Governor. Helen Pye-Smith, Archivist Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England.
Eric S. Repice, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce.
Ira Reed, Professor of Political Science, Chairman Public Affairs Program, Reed College, Washington, DC, Historian, Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Patrick Reid, Former President of the Bureau of International Exhibitions; Commissioner-General, Vancouver Expo '86; Department of Canadian Heritage.
Jeff Rische, Lightspeed Design Corporation, Exhibitor/Participant, Lisbon Expo 98.
Jay Rockey, Director of Public Relations, Advertising, and Advance Ticket Sales, Seattle 1962.
Bob Rogers, President BRC Imagination Arts, Exhibit Technology, Film Production; Vancouver 1986 (Rainbow War-Canadian Pacific, Spirit Lodge-G.M., Our B.C.-B.C. Pavilion); Garden Exposition, Osaka 1990 (Flower Planet, Holovision Show); Expo 92 Seville (World Song-GM, Basque Pavilion); Expo 93, Taejon, South Korea 1993 (Postcards - Korean Air). Disney Imagineer, Development of Holivision and IMAX technology.
David Rumsey, Stovroff & Potter Commercial Real Estate Broker, Board Member Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society.
James Russell, Professor of History, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.
Robert Rydell, Historian/Professor of History, Montana State University.
Michael Mitsugu Sakihara, Professor of History, University of Hawaii.
David Saintonge, Contractor, Knoxville Sunsphere Project.
Anne Salter, Director of the Atlanta History Library Archives.
Chuck Sanders, Sanders International Ventures, Concessionaire at all BIE World's Fairs 1962-1988, Consultant Seville, Spain 1992.
Philip Schoenberg, NY Talks and Walks, Historian.
Peter Scholliers, Professor of History, University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium.
Bruce R. Schulman, Teacher/Historian, Author of Internet History Site International Expositions, Chicago 1893, Knoxville 1982.
Nicole Schwager, Historian, Switzerland.
Lisa Shrenk, Historian, Chicago, Illinois.
Brigette Schroeder-Gudehus, Author, Professor of Political Science, Montreal University.
Martha Sear, Professor of History, University of Sydney, Australia.
Joseph Seliga, Jr., Urban History Researcher/Author, Attorney, Chicago, Illinois.
Samuel Shepherd, Professor of History, Centenary University. Steve Sheppard, Dr., Collector/Historian.
Karen Shopoff, Historian, U.S.
Mae K. Silver, Author/Historian, former President of the San Francisco History Association.
Phillip Smith, Professor of History, St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia.
Gus Spector, Dr., Author/Historian, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.
Jack Spoehr, Lightspeed Design Group, Imax Corporation, Tsukuba 1985, Vancouver 1986, Osaka Garden 1990, Seville 1992.
Paul F. Stahls, Author/Historian, New Orleans.
Raymond Starr, Professor of History, San Diego State University.
Ivan Steen, Professor of History, State University of New York at Albany.
Charles K. Swan, III, Vice President of Finance, Knoxville International Energy Exposition 1982.
Josef Svoboda, Creator of Laterna Magika, Prague, Czech Republic; Exhibitor/Participant Brussels Expo 58, Montreal Expo 67, Osaka Expo 70.
Dr. Samuel Thomas, Photojournalist, Historian.
Paul Totah, Journalist/Author, English Teacher St. Ignatius College Preparatory, San Francisco.
Dennis Tucker, Concessionaire, Expo 86, Vancouver, Canada; Expo 88, Brisbane, Australia; Expo 92, Seville, Spain.
John Vacha, Historical Research and Writer/Teacher, Cleveland.
Robert Vitz, Professor of History and Geography, Northern Kentucky University.
Candy Wellman, Washington State Archives.
Elizabeth Willis, Senior Curator, Australian Society Program, Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.
Glen Yake, Civil Engineer, City of Spokane, Washington, Liaison for City to Expo 74, Spokane.
George Yater, Louisville Historian.
Aram Yengoyan, Professor of Anthropology - University of California-Davis.
J. William T. Youngs, Author/Historian, Professor of History, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington.
Monika Zieger, Technical University of Graz, Austria.


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