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World's Fair/Expo Decision Model Project

ExpoDynamics and ExpoCheck

Independent study and development of an economic and international attendance dynamics model concerning the international, horticultural, national, and regional exposition industry. Currently being used by JDP Econ as the basis for in house publishing projects, including The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice, the first book published utilizing the model results.  The model had previously been used to conduct a preliminary attendance dynamics feasibility study for the New York World Expo 2012 promotional committee, which is no longer involved with that date.  For more detailed information, including information on EXPOcheck and other upcoming reports, see the following pages on our website.

Coming in the future, a web publishing project at jdpecon.com, the World's Fair and World Expo database.
World's Fair Decision Model - Development of the model, the study participants, etc.  The development is currently being utilized for in-house publishing project, including independent EXPOcheck reports.  It is not available for work-for-hire decuments or consulting.
Bureau of International Exhibitions - Sanctioning body for international exposition (world's fairs) headquartered in Paris, France.

The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice:

Following in the Footsteps of Canada's Expo & Olympics Success.  The business publication and report on the selection of Vancouver as host of the Winter Olympics in 2010 and their chance for success.  Based on the World's Fair Decision Model and Expo '86.


Baseball Evaluation, Baseball History & Performance Grades

Baseball Evaluation Statistics Model

baseballevaluation.com and Stat Geek Baseball

An independent economic and performance evaluation model on the history of professional baseball from 1871 to the present day.  Focused on the correlation between baseball statistics, player evaluation and performance, compensation, and major league service time.  For more detailed information, see the following baseballevaluation.com website.

Baseballevaluation.com - Baseball Evaluation: From Doubleday to Eternity.  A Baseball Statistics Model for Baseball Historians, Fantasy Baseball Players, and Baseball Fans Everywhere.  Baseball Stats, Player Grades, and Salary Projections for Every Player in Baseball History.

Stat Geek Baseball SPRO - Two thousand pages of information in pdf format, for download.  Now at baseballevaluation.com.

Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book - Updated book with lists of the best players, pitchers, and more for every team in history.

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