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December 2013 - America's Best History Timeline now published in a 192 page paperback edition.  Great for students from junior high to history buffs of all ages.  Press Release

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December 2012 - From the editors at America's Best History and americasbesthistory.com comes the Kindle Digital Edition of the America's Best History Timeline, a 110 page reference guide of dates and events from the 1500's to the present day.  Buy it now at amazon.com.  It's a handy reference guide to have on hand for students or those with history on their minds.

Press Release

America's Best History Timeline Cover

November 2013 - The 5th Edition of 
Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book is now available in both paperback and ebook format.  And the great reviews keep coming in.  Buy it now at your favorite online or bricks and mortar bookstore.

Amazon Review -
"Recommended reading for everyone from the die hard fans of the sport, those just starting out and even those merely seeking a look at the best of the best at a given time. By books end, you can't help but end up humming the familiar bars of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game.....happy reading!"  Full Reviews

Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book

February 2010 - JDP Econ Publishing and baseballevaluation.com announce their first print publication in the Stat Geek Baseball line of books and reports.  Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book, represents the outcome of 5,000 hours of research into grading every player in baseball history, and the best ever book includes lists for all teams, individual players by season and career, and a whole lot more.

March 2008 - JDP Publishing and JDP Econ announces a new series of Economic and Statistical Reports in Ebook format under the Baseball Evaluation and EXPOcheck
TM banners.  Stat Geek Baseball from baseballevaluation.com provides two thousand pages of baseball stat history from Doubleday to Eternity, including player grades, stats, and salary projections for every year and every player in baseball history, 1871 to today.  EXPOcheckTM Reports includes a series of reports on the attendance dynamics and other planning modules of upcoming expo events, including Expo 2008 - Zaragoza, Spain and Expo 2010 - Shanghai, China.  Both Stat Geek Baseball and EXPOcheck reports are available safe, secure, and for immediate delivery through our affiliation with E-Book delivery service E-Junkie.

EXPOcheck Reports

June 2005 - JDP Publishing, through its imprints JDP ECON Publications and KBY Books, announces its affiliation with GOOGLE PRINT, the online READ NOW service of Google.  Soon, you can read up to 20% of the pages of our titles online through a link to Google Print before you buy and treat buying over the Internet just as you would when browsing at a mortar and brick bookstore.  And for those who still want to support your local bookstore, buy through Booksense, your local bookstore on the internet.  Both Freeborn and The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice will be available to sample through this service.

November 2004 - JDP Publishing announces its affiliation with America's Best History and americasbesthistory.com with a series of upcoming publishing and merchandising projects.  Check americasbesthistory.com today for information on our best historic sites, the U.S. history timeline, plus merchandise from t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, posters, and other gifts on the topic of the best history landmarks of the United States of America.  Now includes the historic sites and timelines on U.S. History, American historic sites, and national parks.

January 2004 - JDP ECON is pleased to announce the creation of JDP Econ Publications, a division of JDP ECON that focuses on economic publications and a variety of other business and leisure books.  Working with Ingram Book Group, JDP ECON Publications will be available to 90% of all retailers in the United States, as well as the majority of other nations of the world through Ingram International.   Look for JDP ECON Publications at your favorite online retailer as well under the imprints KBY Books, JDP ECON Publications and JDP Books.  We are carried by Amazon.Com, Barnes and Noble, and many others. Current Publications - Books

Current Publications

Sports Publications
Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book

Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book
November 2013.  Updated through the end of the 2013 season, the 5th edition of the Best Ever Book is now available in paperback and a new ebook format for your Kindle or computer through Amazon Digital Services.  Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book, from the folks at baseballevaluation.com provides the baseball fan, historian, and sabermetrics crowd with a compendium of lists on a variety of subjects from the history of the game.  Find out who the best player was from your favorite team, who had the best seasons for batters and pitchers, who ranks as the number one player from the postseason, plus a whole lot more.  248 pages of fun for the baseball fan.  Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book is available from your favorite retailer.  Paperback version list price $20.95; Ebook list price $7.95.

Business Publications
The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice

EXPOcheck Reports
JDP ECON is pleased to announce the publication of our first title, "The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice," which recounts the bid selection process and reasons why Vancouver will host what IOC bid evaluation committee chairman Gerhard Heiberg praised as the potential host of the best Olympics ever.  Based on the data of the World's Fair Decision Model project, which ranked Vancouver's Expo '86 as the best special category world's fair in history, "The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice," is a must read for all those interested in the success of the 2010 Winter Olympics, whether that is from the point of view of an Olympic guest, Olympic volunteer, Vancouver resident, or those with general interest in the Olympic or Expo movement.

The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice - Now available at your finest bookstore or online retailer.  Click the title link for more information.  $17.95 list price USA.  $24.95 list price CAN.  (Available in paperback and ebook versions)


Freeborn, Western Fiction

KBY Books, the fiction imprint of JDP ECON Publications, is pleased to announce the publication of FREEBORN, a Tale of the Wild West’s Most Unlikely Hero, a novel that combines the comedy and western with rare aplomb.  With the ribald humor of Blazing Saddles added to the whimsy and spirit of the Princess Bride, Jeff Peterman has loosened the grip of the old west with a fictional fable of raucous nights that would make Deadwood proud, the grasp of family heritage on the next generation, and the power of love to change a prairie landscape, or at least the non-bandit portion of the wild west.  Freeborn, ... Deadwood and Tombstone combined, but with a sense of humor.

Freeborn - Now available in hardcover and e-book versions.  The hardcover can be purchased from your finest bookstore or online retailer.  Click the title link for more information or to order individual copies.  $27.95 list price USA.  $36.95 list price Canada.  The E-book is now available from Amazon Digital Services for puchase or borrowing at $3.99 per download.