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JDP ECON develops Economic Decision Models and Independent Feasibility Study Reports on challenging systemic issues, including a focus on international attendance dynamics, world's fairs, expositions, and Major League Baseball.  Founded in 1987 as a general accounting and business consulting firm, JDP ECON now includes our new Publishing Division, which focuses on Economic Books as well as other upcoming business and leisure imprints.

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Recent Studies of JDP ECON, including ExpoDynamics TM, the World's Fair/Expo Decision Model, and the study on Major League Baseball statistics, the Baseball Evaluation Player Grade and Salary Projection Model

Study Participants

Some of our projects have involved a wide range of study participants, including the World's Fair Decision Model Project, that has involved some of the major player in the expo field over the last thirty years, including ... Study Participants include ...
  • Alan Abel, Journalist, National Post; Toronto, Canada.
  • Ted Allan, Glasgow, Scotland, Former President of the Bureau of International Exhibitions.
  • Victor Atiyeh, Portland, Oregon, Governor of Oregon, 1980-1988.
  • Jim Brandt, New Orleans, U.S.A., President of the Bureau of Government Research.
  • Joo-Kyun Choi, Seoul, South Korea; President of the Korean Horticultural Association.
  • Leonard Levitan, New York, U.S.A.; Levitan Design Group, Master Planners.
  • Vincente G. Loscertales; Secretary-General, Bureau of International Exhibitions, Paris, France.
  • Fred Lounsberry, Executive Vice President, Universal Studios, Florida.  National Chairman, Board of Directors, Travel Industry Association.
  • Red McCombs, C.E.O./Owner, Minnesota Vikings, National Football League.
  • James Ogul, Special Projects Director, USIA, U.S. Treasury/State Departments.
  • Jock Phillips, Heritage Group, New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs.
  • Ira Reed, Professor of Political Science, Chairman Public Affairs Program, Reed College, Washington, D.C.
  • Bob Rogers, IMAX/Holivision Developer with Walt Disney Co.; President BRC Imagination Arts.
  • Elizabeth Willis, Senior Curator, Australian Society Program, Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.
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News & Information
World's Fair, Expositions & Olympic Games

News & Information
World's Fair, Expositions & Olympic Games

Bidding for 2017 and 2020 World Expos Underway
It's a busy time at the Bureau of International Exhibitions in Paris as they sift through the bids for the 2017 small specialized expo and the 2020 Universal style expo.  The candidates for both slots are undergoing review with the first expo to be selected, that of 2017, at the December meeting of the BIE.  Candidates for the 93 day expo, held on 25 hectares of land, are Liege, Belgium, and Astana, Kazakhstan.  The larger 2020 expo, held on a broader theme and with internaitonal participants allowed to build their own structures, is being contended among five candidates; Dubai, UAE; Ayutthaya, Thailland; Izmir, Turkey; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Ekaterinburg, Russia. Selections for that slot will be held at an upcoming BIE meeting.

Yoseu 2012 Special Expo Closes
With 102 international participants and other exhibitors looking on, the specialized World Expo on the theme "The Living Ocean and Coast" came to a close August 12, 2012 after 93 days and 8 million people in attendance.  The USA participated with a public/private exhibit that saw over 1 million people visit.  US participation is still done as a non-member of the BIE, the bureau that regulates and sancitons world expositions.

USA Officially Joins Expo 2010 Shanghai, But Participation in Trouble

On October 25, 2006, the U.S. Government confirmed that it would exhibit at Shanghai, China's Expo 2010.  But since that time, despite a successful first attempt at securing someone to run the project, a series of problems have arisen.  At this time, late in the game for participation of this size and scale, an additional group, made up of experience U.S. veterans of the international expo industry, is trying to resurrect our participation, although in this troubled economic times, it is certainly problematic to raise funds of this magnitude from the private sector.  Funding for U.S. participation at BIE International Expositions is currently prohibited by Congress and must be fundraised.  Expo 2010 is expected to draw 70 million visitors during its six month run and is the first major expo in China's history.  Non-participation by the United States would be a major problem, allowing the China model for capitalistic business, but communist government, to have a free influence on the emerging nations of the world.
Zaragoza closes with over 5.5 million attendance
Ninety-three days of Expo 2008 came to a close on the night of September 14 with a total of 5,650,941 in attendance over the duration of the exposition.  The BIE recognized small scale expo was a fine success, covering the topic of water, but slightly missed its attendance target.  For more on the attendance dynamics, see our Expocheck page.  For more info on the conclusions of the water symposiums and download its list of solutions, visit the Expo 2008 homepage.
Milan Selected Host of Expo 2015
In a close vote with rival Izmir, Turkey, the city of Milan has won the final vote at the meeting of the Bureau of International Exhibitions on March 31, 2008. By a vote of 86 to 65, the Italian metropolis will host the "registered" exposition. This is the first expo to be held in Italy since Genoa hosted Expo '92, a small scale expo held over three months. The win for Milan was a slight upset, as many in the world expo community had thought that the first expo held in a Middle Eastern country would have provided a unique opportunity. However, Milan won the day, victorious in some ways since the two expos after this year's Zaragosa fair will be held in China 2010 and South Korea 2012, respectively.
Yeosu wins Expo 2012 Bid
At the General Assembly meeting of the Bureau of International Exhibitions (BIE) on November 27, 2007, the member states elected Yeosu, Republic of Korea, as host of the small scale Recognized Expo for 2012. Under the theme, The Living Ocean and Coast: Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities, Yeosu overcame rivals to host from Tangier, Morocco, and Wroclaw, Poland. Yeosu had previously bid for Expo 2010, but lost to eventual winner Shanghai. Taking two rounds to complete voting, Yeosu eventually overcame Tangier on the ballot with a 77 to 63 victory. Yeosu now joins Zaragosa, Spain and Shanghai, China as upcoming hosts of World's Fairs. For more information on the bid victory, go to Korea.net.

2012 World Expo Bid Votes by Round
Round One
Yeosu, South Korea - 68, Tangier, Morocco - 59, Wroclaw, Poland - 13
Round Two
Yeosu, South Korea - 77, Tangier, Morocco - 63
Russian Resort City Wins Olympics in 2014
July 4, 2007. At the Olympic meeting in Guatemala City, Sochi, Russia outlasted its two rivals, Salzberg, Austria and Pyeongchang, South Korea, to become host of the Winter Olympics in 2014. The victory is the first for Russia, or the Soviet Union, since it hosted the boycotted 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. The resort on the Black Sea boasts of its intention to build most competition venues in close proximity to each other, allowing athletes to walk from event to event. The presence of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, at the bid, is credited with putting the bid over the top, as geopolitical reasons may have come into play in the election.

2014 Olympic Bid Votes by Round
Round One
Pyeongchang, South Korea - 36, Sochi, Russia - 34, Salzberg, Austria - 25

Round Two, Final Round
Sochi, Russia - 51, Pyeongchang, South Korea - 47
Congratulations Nagoya, Over 22 Million Attendance
Expo 2005 closed on September 25, 2005 after 185 days of the Japanese fair thrilled 22,049,544 visitors from throughout Japan and the world. With 125 international participants, this Bureau of International Exhibitions sanctioned world's fair of the large scale "registered" category, exceeded organizer expectations of attendance by 46%. This news, particularly good for the BIE after the limited attendance at Hanover's Expo 2000, a "registered" exposition with universal characteristics, once again showed that an exposition can meet its targets. Expo 2005, held under the theme, "Nature's Wisdom" was a six month large scale exposition with special characteristics, with common pavilion for international participants. Congratulations again, Nagoya, and best wishes to Zaragoza, Spain as we move toward Expo 2008, a small scale "recognized" BIE santioned exposition, and Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China. For those who wish to see some of the innovations shown at Expo 2005, one good location is the October Time Magazine's Global Visions photoessay.