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JDP ECON Home Home page of JDP Econ, the Economic Research firm that develops economic decision models on the topics of World's Fairs, Expositions, Major League Baseball, and other systemic problems, plus our new publishing division.
About Us Presents an overview of the various current and past studies by JDP Econ, as well as news on the industries of World Expositions, the Bureau of International Exhibitions, the Olympic Games, and Major League Baseball.
Studies The current and recent studies of
JDP ECON, including the World's Fair Decision Model and the Baseball Evaluation Player Grade and Salary Projections system.
World's Fair Decision Model The ten year study of the past attendance dynamics of the world expo and exhibition movement, including events sanctioned by the Bureau of International Exhibitions.
Expodynamics New reports on the expo industry under the Expocheck and Expodynamics labels.
Expocheck Series of check reports on upcoming events under the under the Expocheck labels.
Bureau of International Exhibitions Explanation of the Paris bureau which regulates and sanctions official world's fair, world expos, and world exhibitions.
Study Participants List of study participants for the World's Fair Decision Model.
London 1851
Calgary Winter Olympics 1988
Montreal Expo '67
Vancouver Expo '86
International Expo Pages
Baseball Evaluation Explanation of the Baseball Evaluation Player Grade and Salary Projection system from Doubleday to Eternity.  Developed by JDP Econ.  Visit baseballevaluation.com for more details.
baseballevaluation.com Website of the Baseball Evaluation system and Stat Geek Baseball.
Contact Mailing address, phone, fax, and email contact points for JDP Econ.
Links JDP Econ links.

JDP Publishing Established in 2003 by JDP Econ to publish economic and other books.  JDP Econ Publications, JDP Publications, and KBY Books are distributed nationally by Ingram Book Group and available through all major online retailers.  Now diversified into web publishing projects, including baseballevaluation.com and our partnership with americasbesthistory.com..
The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice The first book published using the data of the World's Fair Decision Model, the Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice, presents the capability of the city of Vancouver as it follows in the footsteps of Canada's Expo and Olympics Success.
Freeborn Western fiction with a twist with the Novel Freeborn.  The Tale about the wild west's most unlikely hero.
Freeborn Characters List and description of the characters from Freeborn.

America's Best History JDP Publishing and americasbesthistory.com.  From sea to shining sea, America's Best History tackels the topic of historic tourism at the best historic landmarks & national parks in America.
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