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The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice

Following in the Footsteps of Canada's Expo and Olympics Success

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The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice
Following in the Footsteps of Canada's Expo and Olympics Success
Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010
February 12 to 28, 2010
The Games May Be Over, but the Glow Will Last for Years.  Over those two February weeks, the World Got to Witness the Hospitality and Skill of Host Canada.  It's What the Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice had been saying for the Past Seven Years

Did Vancouver host one of the best Olympics?
Read the Book that Tells you Why the Answer was going to be YES!
from the moment they won the bid.

The games of Vancouver have come and gone!  And over the two weeks of competition and pageantry, it came as no surprise to us that the event was thought of as one of the most successful Olympic Games ever held.

And if you want to read the reasons why, as proof of what you witnessed or as a souvenir to the spectacular games, get a copy of the report that one bid committee member said, way back in the bid days, proved everything they were trying to say about why Vancouver would host a great Winter Olympic Games in 2010. Read the book that explains, from a vantage point of seven years ago in 2003, what others are now saying with the games completed in 2010. A great book for the volunteer, the Vancouver resident, or anyone else, too, who wants to revel in the experience. Valuable information on past Vancouver and Canadian events and their success.

Read the pre-games report that explained why the games would be a success.

In 1986, twenty-two million people came to Vancouver for Expo '86, an international world's fair, and saw how well the British Columbia city hosted the world with grand exhibits like Ramses II and the Expo Centre along a False Creek. Now a reunion on the ability of the city as host goes on and will continue four years in the future when the Winter Olympics games of 2010 come to town. Expo '86 was not the first time Canada hosted the world to see how they compare.   Montreal's Expo '67 was the top rated world exposition of all time, and the 1976 Summer Olympics followed suit in the same Quebec city just nine years later. Vancouver's Expo 86 was the highest ranked Special Category world exposition since 1851, and Calgary's Winter Olympics in 1988 is regarded by many as one of the best organized Olympics in history.
The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice.  A perfect book for the Vancouver Olympics volunteer, fan, visitor, or past visitors to Canadian events such as Expo '67 and Expo '86. Makes a great book and gift for past Expo '67 and Expo '86 participants, too.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - July 2, 2003, Vancouver Will Host the Winter Games
Chapter 2 - Yes, Yes, 2010 Times Yes
Chapter 3 - The Work to Come
Chapter 4 - A Spectacular Choice and the Reasons Why
Chapter 5 - How do Expos and Olympics Compare
Chapter 6 - Host City Composite Rankings
Chapter 7 - Attendance Expectation
Chapter 8 - Individual Component Values (National Pride, Public Relations, Host City Experience, Funding Stability, Transportation, etc.)
Chapter 9 - Conclusion
Chapter 10 - Notes and References

When the International Olympic Committee members selected the western Canadian city of Vancouver and its mountain top sister Whistler as the sites of the 2010 Winter Olympics on July 2, 2003, it did so for many  reasons. Geopolitical.  A great bid plan.  The cosmopolitan nature of the host city and the spectacular alpine views from the resort  municipality of Whistler.  But the main reason Vancouver was a  spectacular choice was buried deep within the bid committee literature and will prove to be the penultimate reason why IOC bid evaluation committee chairman Gerhard Heiberg praised Vancouver's choice as a potential host of the best Olympics ever, ... Expo ‘86.  Expo '86 was the third grand success in Canada's quartet of Expo '67 in Montreal, the Summer Olympics of Montreal 1976, Expo '86 in Vancouver, and the Winter Olympic Games of Calgary in 1988.

The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice recounts the bid victory and reasons why Vancouver will host a great Winter Olympic Games.  Based on the data of the World's Fair Decision Model project by JDP ECON.   See why the outstanding experience of Vancouver with hosting Expo '86 will bode well for the Olympic movement in 2010.  Photo courtesy of Science World, Vancouver, British Columbia.  All rights reserved. Logos and photos are the property of their respected organizations.

The Vancouver/Whistler bid to host the 2010 Winter Olympics Games was selected by the International Olympic Committee on July 2, 2003, outlasting the cities of Pyeongchang, South Korea and Salzburg, Austria in two rounds of voting. Vancouver will beckon the world and its athletes to the Sea to Sky Games for three weeks in early 2010 and return British Columbia to the international stage of host to the great nations of the world. This event will again serve to remind us of the historic past in Vancouver with events of this caliber, as the spectacular coming Olympic Games will harken back to Expo 86 and the world's fair season two decades before.

Olympic News
Closing Ceremony fetes 2010 Athletes and VANOC - February 28, 2010
With the flame extinguished inside B.C. Place Stadium and with IOC President Jacque Rogge announcing that the games were host with hospitality and skill, the 2010 Winter Olympics Games of Vancouver and Whistler, Canada came to a close.  It was a record setting performance on the gold medal stand for Canadian athletes, culminating in the gold medal hockey game that reached an astouding 80% of all people in Canada.

Opening Ceremony is Here - February 2010

At 9:00 p.m. EST and 6 p.m. Vancouver time, the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games will begin in spectacular fashion along the banks of False Creek inside B.C. Place Stadium.

Games to Begin in One Month - January 2010

On February 12, 2010, the citizens and athletes of the World will come to False Creek and B.C. Stadium to take part in the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and for two weeks thereafter, on the slopes of Whistler and the arenas of Vancouver, compete for medals in alpine and other winter events.  Tickets still remain for some events. Go to Vancouver2010.com to check for availability.

Tickets On Sale in October - August 2008
Tickets for individual events at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games of 2010 will go on sale on October 3, 2008.  For Canadian citizens, visit the Vancouver Olympic website to order; for citizens of other nation's, tickets must be gotten from their individual Olympic committee headquarters.  For the United States, that means the United States Olympic Committee.

Volunteer Applications Now Being Accepted - February 2008
Now is your chance to get in on the fun and volunteer to work at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. As of February 12, 2008, applications are now being accepted at Vancouver2010.com or Workopolis.com. If you are ready to be enthusiastic, available, and team-oriented, Vancouver 2010 is looking for you. You must be 19 years old as of September 1, 2008 to apply. Preferences will be given to those who can commit to the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic events.

Daily Competition Schedule Now Set - December 2007
The 2010 Winter Olympics schedule for each day of the Vancouver games has now been set for each sport. Check out the dates at Vancouver Olympics 2010 Sport Schedule.

Outdoor Venues Nearing Completion - November 2007
By the end of 2007, all outdoor venues for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010 will be completed, including the Whistler Sliding Centre and Cypress Mountain. In addition, indoor venues continue toward the same goal, with the Hockey arena at the University of British Columbia and the curling rink at Hillcrest will be done in 2008. Other facilities, from the speedskating oval to the athlete's villages at False Creek and Whistler are moving through the construction cycle as well.