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Freeborn, A Novel by Jeff Peterman

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“Nobody likes me.  Everybody hates me.  I’m gonna eat a worm.”
... Jesse James, circa 1878, or so he supposedly claimed.

Nobody in Freeborn, South Dakota likes the illegitimate son of notorious outlaw Jesse James despite the fact that he is nothing like his pop, until Woody proves, once and for all, that he is a true western hero.  Freeborn, a Tale of the Wild West’s Most Unlikely Hero, is a novel that combines the comedy and western with rare aplomb.  With the ribald humor of Blazing Saddles added to the whimsy and spirit of the Princess Bride, Jeff Peterman has loosened the grip of the old west with a fictional fable of raucous nights that would make Deadwood proud, the grasp of family heritage on the next generation, and the power of love to change a prairie landscape, or at least the non-bandit portion of the wild west.  Freeborn, ... Deadwood and Tombstone, but with a sense of humor.

Western Fiction.  Find out who the real hero of Freeborn is in this western novel with a sense of humor from the wild American west. Is it Woody James, the son of Jesse, or the daughter of the Mayor, Audrey May?

Press Release
Kindle Edition Published 10/24/12
Freeborn Ranked #7 Western Fiction During
Promo Weekend 10/30/12

About the Author


American Western Man

Jeff Peterman was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania and graduated from Albright College.  He currently makes his home is suburban Philadelphia.  Freeborn is Jeff Peterman’s first published novel.  Upcoming fiction titles include the science fiction thriller Gazing, romantic comedy Potato Fame, and the comedy spoof Running Sage. 

Prior to writing fiction, his previous writing and editing included credits in the fields of nonfiction, screenplay adaptation, and standup comedy.  This work included screenplay contribution to the Peter Stark Graduate Producer's Program at the U.S.C. School of Cinema-Television and comedy performed by Spanky on Star Search and Jay Leno at the Tonight Show.


About the Characters

Jesse James

Jesse James:
The notorious outlaw from St. Joseph's, Missouri, who terrorized the west from the end of the Civil War until his death with a series of escapades that filled the headlines of U.S. newspapers.

Book Quote:
"Ah, ... nobody likes me.  Everybody hates me.  I'm gonna eat a worm.  Aaah, nobody likes me.  Everybody hates me...”

Audrey May Nater:
The beautiful blond daughter of the Mayor and his wife, who, from the age of three, peered in the direction of the bandit's son and saw more than the potential for a shot to the hip.

Book Quote:
“Oh, don't worry about him.  He won't.  My father is too afraid you'll kill me, or him, or the rest of the town, that's all.”

Woody James:
Son of Jesse and Sylvia Jane, Woody James was an upstanding, straight forward and educated member of the community.  But only the mother and Calamine Annie, the prostitute friend, knew it.

Book Quote:
“Yes, ... and I've gotta go save her.  Sheriff Dan couldn't save himself from butter."  It was doubtful Sheriff Dan could save himself from margarine or lard either.

Sylvia Jane Landsford:
Confident dancing girl whose strong, fine features born from dark Irish stock and equal demeanor indicated something everybody in Freeborn already knew, ... that she could be the James' brothers only equal in this town.

Book Quote:
“Kinda hoping that posse might catch up to you,” Sylvia Jane retorted with a combination of accuracy, sarcasm, and desire; it was hard to determine which purpose had a larger bite.

Calamine Annie
was certainly sweet, as sweet as molasses sugar on butter milk pancakes and honey-coated raisins, as nice as a baby lamb and a grandmother’s hug, but not working toward her master's degree in, ... anything.

Book Quote:
“Neither rain, now snow, nor poison of ivy or oak shall keep Annie from her appointed rounds.”

Freeborn novel cover image

Copyright 2012 by JDP ECON   All worldwide rights reserved.  The logos and graphics represented within this page and book are the Copyright 2011 property of KBY Books and its licensors.  All rights reserved. KBY Books is the fiction imprint of JDP Econ Publications.  Photos courtesy of the U.S. National Archives.

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction, using historical circumstances, references, products and characters that have been fictionalized for comedy and novel purposes only.  It is a "what if" novel.  There was no such town as Freeborn, South Dakota, or actual people such as Woody James, Sylvia Jane Landsford, or Audrey May Nater.  The situations described are figments of the imagination and should be construed in that manner.  The characters herein, except for Jesse James, Frank James, and the Younger Brothers, are fictitious, and any similarity to the name, character, or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

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