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Fields of Gold - Reviews

Amazon Review ... "This is a book that chronicles some of the most important fielders in baseball history, and the level of statistics detail is amazing. Really glad I could find this, it is a really great addition for every baseball fan. I loved the different rankings of players and there is quite a lot of different metrics and graphs that are really interesting to study and think about. Highly recommended." - 5 Stars

Amazon Review ... "A great read for any baseball fan. I'm not a stat geek by any means, but I was bought this book because I liked its approach and thought I'd get something out of it even as a casual baseball fan. One of the things I like about the book is that it really eases you into the more complex information, covering the history, basic stats, etc. I learned a lot about the evolution of the glove. There's also some fun trivia facts throw in e.g. the cost of a baseball in in 1896. There's an interesting section on the fielding awards that I really enjoyed. There are a lot of charts, graphs, and images that are laid out nicely, so it doesn't get too confusing once you get into the heavy numbers. Overall, a good read for any baseball fan." - 5 Stars.

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Best Ever Book - Reviews

Amazon Review ... "Recommended reading for everyone from the die hard fans of the sport, those just starting out and even those merely seeking a look at the best of the best at a given time. By books end, you can't help but end up humming the familiar bars of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game.....happy reading!"

Amazon Review ... "Entertaining and Informative. He loved it and started reading it at our Christmas party! It is hard to find something for someone who is a real baseball fan but this scored a home run." - 5 Stars.

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