St. Louis World's Fair 1904 Agriculture Pavilion

World's Fair History Quick List

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London World's Fair 1851

  • London 1851

    New York 1853-4

    Paris 1855

    London, England 1862
    Dublin, Ireland 1865

    Paris 1867

    London, England 1871-4
    Copenhagen, Denmark 1872
    Vienna, Austria 1873

    Philadelphia 1876

    Paris 1878

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 1879-80

    Melbourne 1880

    Amsterdam, Netherlands 1883
    Louisville, USA 1883-7
    Calcutta, India 1883-4
    London, England 1883-6
    Edinburgh, Scotland 1884
    New Orleans, USA 1884-5
    Antwerp, Belgium 1885
    Liverpool. England 1886
    Edinburgh, Scotland 1886
    Adelaide, South Australia (Australia) 1887-8

    Glasgow 1888

    Cincinnati, USA 1888
    Barcelona, Spain 1888
    Copenhagen, Denmark 1888
    Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) 1888-9
    Dunedin, New Zealand 1889-90

    Paris 1889

    Edinburgh, Scotland 1890

    Chicago 1893

    San Francisco 1894

    Atlanta, USA 1895
    Brussels, Belgium 1897
    Nashville, USA 1897
    Stockholm, Sweden 1897
    Omaha, USA 1898-9


St. Louis World's Fair 1904

1950 to Today

Vancouver Expo '86

  • Brussels 1958 (BIE)

    Turin, Italy (BIE) 1961

    Seattle 1962 (BIE)

    New York 1964-65

    Munich, W. Germany (BIE) 1965

    Montreal 1967 (BIE)

    San Antonio, USA (BIE) 1968

    Osaka, Japan (BIE) 1970
    Spokane, USA (BIE) 1974
    Okinawa, Japan (BIE) 1975

    Kobe, Japan 1981
    Knoxville, USA (BIE) 1982
    New Orleans, USA (BIE) 1984
    Tsukuba, Japan (BIE) 1985

    Vancouver 1986 (BIE)

    Brisbane, Australia (BIE) 1988

    Seville, Spain (BIE) 1992
    Genoa, Italy (BIE) 1992
    Taejon, South Korea (BIE) 1993
    Lisbon, Portugal (BIE) 1998

    Hanover, Germany (BIE) 2000
    Nagoya, Japan (BIE) 2005
    Zaragoza, Spain (BIE) 2008

    Shanghai, China (BIE) 2010
    Yoesu, South Korea (BIE) 2012
    Milan, Italy (BIE) 2015
    Astana, Kazahkstan (BIE) 2017

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates (BIE) 2020, Upcoming

Photo top page: Louisiana Purchase International Exposition, St. Louis 1904 Postcard. Right column top: Crystal Palace at the London World's Fair of 1851. Center column top: Scene of the Pike at St. Louis Lousiana Purchase Expo. Right column top: Expo 86, Vancouver logo.

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