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ExpoDynamicsTM and the World's Fair Decision Model
Expodynamnics, Expocheck, and the World's Fair Decision Model Project

Expodynamics, the ability of the world expo community to predict attendance and other exposition dynamics prior to opening day. Are they dependable?  Are they accurate?  This has been the question within the exposition community since the first event in 1851, when Londoners wildly predicted troubles from a public engaging the world in the first Crystal Palace.  They didn't know how many people would come then, or why, and that is still true in good measure today.  The World's Fair (Expo) Decision Model Study was undertaken by JDP Econ to study the attendance dynamics and impact over the history of the world expo movement.  It represented an attempt to interpolate the factors that have led to the success or failure of events within that one hundred and fifty year span.

Check out the study parameters in better detail at World's Fair Decision Model, including the study participants involved. 

JDP ECON is now developing its EXPOcheck series of reports, providing an unbiased, independent review of approved events in the coming years, beginning with Zaragoza and Expo 2008 and Shanghai's Expo 2010.  These independent attendance dynamics reports based on the World's Fair Decision Model are great additions to the information provided by official sources and may be useful to public planners, exhibitors, concessionaires, media, and others interested in the upcoming events.

JDP ECON is providing these on an independent basis, and these reports, as well as EXPOdynamics reports, are not available as work-for-hire documents.

EXPOcheck reports now available for Expo 2008 - Zaragoza (Post) & Expo 2010 - Shangha (Post)i.  They are available in pdf format with immediate download through e-junkie.com. 

EXPOcheck Reports


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The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice

EXPOcheck Reports
JDP ECON is pleased to announce the publication of our first title, "The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice," which recounts the bid selection process and reasons why Vancouver will host what IOC bid evaluation committee chairman Gerhard Heiberg praised as the potential host of the best Olympics ever.  Based on the data of the World's Fair Decision Model project, which ranked Vancouver's Expo '86 as the best special category world's fair in history, "The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice," is a must read for all those interested in the success of the 2010 Winter Olympics, whether that is from the point of view of an Olympic guest, Olympic volunteer, Vancouver resident, or those with general interest in the Olympic or Expo movement.

The Vancouver Games: A Spectacular Choice - Now available at your finest bookstore or online retailer.  Click the title link for more information.  $17.95 list price USA.  $24.95 list price CAN.  (Available in paperback and ebook versions)