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Montreal Expo '67

Expo 67 - Man and His World

Quick List Info

Expo 67

Dates Open - April 28 to October 29, 1967.

Attendance - Visitor attendance 50,306,648. 54,992,000 total (including staff).

International Participants - 59 nations, 2 colonies. Canadian Provinces/U.S. States 7 bldgs. Corporate/domestic participants 33.

Total costs - Capital & Operating Expenditures (as of 12-31-1967) Total CDN$415.920 million. Total Revenues CDN$147.196 million. Value of Assets Transferred to Government CDN$180 million.

Site Acreage - 769.02 (exhibition site), 988.70 (including parking area).

Sanction - B.I.E. General Expo of the 1st Category (Universal Style Exposition) 11-13-1962.

Ticket Cost - Adult (during fair) US$2.40.

Expo 67 Guidebook

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Participating Nations Order of Precedence

Expo 67

Canada 12-11-62
Great Britain 29-01-63
Belgium 03-05-63
France 30-08-63
Morocco 16-12-63
Netherlands 04-02-64
Austria 13-02-64
FR of Germany 18-02-64
Venezuela 04-05-64
Israel 28-05-64
Iran 16-06-64
Sweden (Scandinavian Pavilion) 19-06-64
Finland (Scandinavian Pavilion) 19-06-64
Denmark (Scandinavian Pavilion) 19-06-64
United States 30-07-64
Ceylon 15-08-64
Republic of China 25-08-64
Jamaica 25-08-64
Monaco 01-09-64
Italy 16-09-64
Norway (Scandinavian Pavilion) 21-09-64
Iceland (Scandinavian Pavilion) 25-09-64
Czechoslovakia 02-11-64
Japan 04-11-64
Tunisia 25-11-64
Switzerland 09-12-64
Ghana (Africa Place) 24-12-64
Trinidad & Tobago 21-01-65
Niger (Africa Place) 24-01-65
Ivory Coast (Africa Place) 24-01-65
Cameroon (Africa Place) 24-02-65
Barbados 01-03-65
Thailand 03-03-65
U.S.S.R. 08-03-65
Chad (Africa Place) 09-03-65
India 11-03-65
Ethiopia 19-03-65
Korea 27-04-65
Haiti 10-05-65
Yugoslavia 13-05-65
Democratic Rep. of Congo (Africa Place) 03-06-65
Cuba 13-07-65
Guyana (Barbados & Guyana Pav.) 14-07-65
Australia 23-07-65
Tanzania (Africa Place) 26-08-65
Mauritius 02-09-65
Gabon (Africa Place) 03-09-65
Algeria 04-10-65
Senegal (Africa Place) 04-10-65
Togo (Africa Place) 15-10-65
Mexico 18-10-65
United Arab Republic 21-10-65
Kuwait 21-10-65
Kenya (Africa Place) 03-12-65
Greece 01-02-66
Burma 14-03-66
Madagascar (Africa Place) 30-03-66
Uganda (Africa Place) 14-04-66
Grenada (Trinidad & Tobago & Grenada Pav.) 09-05-66
Rwanda (Africa Place) 06-10-66
Nigeria (Africa Place) 08-12-66

Fair Review Headlines
New York Times

"Pearson Lights Expo 67's Flame and a 'Monument to Man' is Opened."
"Crisp Sunny Weather Draws 120,000 Sightseers to the 1st Day of Expo"
"Pearson and Wife Ride in Minirail"
"A Sin City No More - Mayor Acclaims Montreal, the Home of Expo, as Great and Respectable"
"A Dome and a Box Compete at Fair - U.S. and Soviet Pavilions Among Big Attractions"
"Expo 67 Stamps Draw Collectors"
"The Boss at the Fair"
"Habitat: Exciting Concept, Flawed Execution"
"Crowds Surpass Expo Prediction"
"Demonstration Housing Unfettered by Tradition"
"The World on Display: Montreal Fair Outshines New York's in Some Respects, But Not All"

1st World's Fair in Canada

Montreal Expo 1967

Expo Tidbits
17.6m cubic yards of fill used to create 297 acres of additional land around existing islands in the St. Lawrence River.
Expo-Express transit system carried 44 million people during exhibition.
There were 39 restaurants and 66 snack bars.
There were 800 employees in the Amusement Park.
Largest single day crowd of 530,000 on April 30.
30 day transit strike in late Sept. halted city buses and new Metro system and is said to have caused loss of a potential 5 million in attedance.
Expo 67 innovations, introduction of passport ticket. Canada's travel dollars reached a peak of $1.25 billion in 1967. Buckminster Fuller's gigantic geodesic dome structure that was the U.S. Pavilion, complete with a monorail running directly through it, was destroyed by fire on May 20, 1976.

Theme Pavilions, Plazas, and Sculptures
Theme Pavilions - Art Gallery, Dupont of Canada Auditorium, Man the Producer, Labrynth, Resources for Man, Man & His Health, Garden of Sculpture, Progress, Man in the Community, Man the Explorer, Man in Control, Photography & Individual Design Pavilion, Man and Life, Man the Provider, Man, his Planet & Space, Man and the Ocean, Man & the Polar Regions.

Plazas - Rapids Plaza, International Nickel Plaza, Esplanada, Africa Place, Theatre Plaza, Place de Nations, Asbestos Plaza, Plaza de las Americas, Engineers Plaza, Plaza of the Universe, Landing Plaza, Transportation Plaza.

Park Area - Habitat Park, Helene de Champlain Park, Parque del Retiro, Seaward Point, Notre Dame Park, Harbor Point, Rest Garden

Amusement Rides, La Ronde
Carrefour International, Children's World, Dancing Water (West.), Flume Ride, Garden of the Stars, Gyrotron, Lake Viewpoint, Laterna Magika, The Lighthouse, The Mall, The Moorings, Pioneerland/Fort Edmonton, The Rides Centre, Sky Ride, La Spirale, Timberland, Le Village, Youth Pavilion.

Free On-Site Transportation
Transportation services included free transporation from parking areas to main access points and free mass-transit system connecting the four main areas of the site. On-site bus service was run by Montreal Transportation system on rental basis, trailer trains/canal boats/hovercraft/helicopters were operated as concessions, and the three major facilities were designed, built and operated by the corporation. (Expo Express, three minirail systems (2 from monorail purchased from the Lausanne National Exhbition of 1964, and new larger monorail for Ile Notre-Dame, and skyride).

To Ten Restaurants, By Sales Volume
1. Bavarian Restaurant-Carrefour International
2. USSR Pavilion Restaurant
3. Canadian Pavilion Restaurant
4. Czechoslovakia Pavilion Restaurant
5. Canadian Brewer's Pavilion Restaurant
6. West Germany Pavilion Restaurant
7. St. Hubert BarBQ - Theme Pavilion
8. Scandinavian Pavilion Restaurant
9. Ontario Pavilion Restaurant
10. Raphael 67 - Theme Pavilion

Pavilions That Impressed the Most
1. Telephone 18%
2. USSR 13%
3. Czechoslovakia 9%
4. United Kingdom 8%
5. United States 8%
6. Theme Pavilions. 8%
7. France 6%
8. Canada 6%.

Those in Charge
H.E. Pierre Dupuy (Ambassador & Commissioner General) in charge of international participation, World Festival of Performing Arts, fine arts exhibits and matteres of ceremony and protocol.
Robert F. Shaw, Deputy Commissioner-Genernal assisted the commissioner general and dealt with administrative problems, acted as chairman of the corporation's executive committee, at times the Board of Directors plus directed the corporation's business with the 3 gov'ts.
Andrew G. Kniewasser, General Manager, was responsible for the management of the corporation and directed the six departments.
Director of Finance and Administration, G. Dale Rediker, was in charge of finance systems and procedures, budgeting, etc.
Director of Installations, Colonel Edward Churchill. Director of Operations.
Philippe de Gaspe' Beaubien, responsible for operation of exhibition. Director of Exhibits.
Pierre de Bellefeuille, in charge of sales to exhibitors and sponsors in gov't and private sectors and laison between exhibitors and corporation.
Director of Public Relations and Promotion, Yves Jasmin.

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