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Baseball Evaluation @ baseballevaluation.com.

Stats, Player Grades, and Salary Projections for Every Player in Baseball History, from Doubleday to Eternity.

This ten year study from JDP Econ is now up and running at baseballevaluation.com where you can see articles, baseball stats, player grades for every year and player in history, the Stat Geek Baseball salary projection model, career best player lists for teams and players, best seasons ever lists, plus a whole lot more.  This study has correlated the relationship between payroll and player performance and developed a series of new statistics, 1.9 million new statistics that will amaze the casual fan, the baseball historian, the stat geek, or the fantasy player.

What are Your Favorite Player Really Worth?

If you think you know the info on your favorite player, you ain't seen nothing yet!  Get Stat Geek Baseball, with 2,000 pages of stats, new stats, player grades, and salary projections.  Check out the free sample file to see what we are talking about.

Who is the Best Player, Pitcher, Team, and Season of All-Time?

Find out in the newest edition of Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book.

Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book
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