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Baseball News

Baseball News

Qualifying Offers, 11/15/2016

Jeremy Hellickson, Philadelphia, and Neil Walker, New York Mets, take Qualifying Offers of $17.2 million, foregoing free agency. They are only the fourth and fifth players to ever accept the Qualifying Offer. All other players with QO offers this year have rejected their offers and will enter free agency.

Red Letter Dates for a Baseball Fan

New CBA Deadline - December 1
Arbitration Contract Deadline - December 2
Annual Winter Meetings - December 5-8
Rule 5 Draft - December 10

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Baseball Contracts

Hot Stove League Contracts


Check the Hot Stove League sections now for our projections of Free Agent Contract Values, Qualifying Offers, and other contract offers for Arbitration Eligible and Pre-Arbitration Eligible Players for the 2016-2017 offseason, all using our proprietary SPRO system, telling you what they should be paid.

Free Agents Signings

Week of November 14

Brett Cecil to sign reported 4 year $30,500,000 contract with Cardinals.

SPRO Analysis - St. Louis overpays for Cecil. Yes, Cecil was worth this type of contract after 2015, but baseball execs seem to discount current past performance to their possible peril. St. Louis is usually pretty good at this, so maybe it will work out. SPRO for 2 year $8,736,000.

Andrew Cashner to sign reported 1 year $10,000,000 contract with Rangers.

SPRO Analysis - Texas overpays for Cashner. 31-53 for his career. Worse the last two years. That's not worth $10m. SPRO for 1 year $4,353,000.

Josh Reddick signs 4 year $52,000,000 contract with Astros, pending physical.

SPRO Analysis - Houston overpays for Reddick. Okay, Astros being aggressive early in the offseason, and we like the Brian McCann pickup. But Reddick is not a player, except for two seasons, where you invest this type of cash. At least not for us. SPRO 3 year $20,579,000.

Charlie Morton signs 2 year $14,000,000 contract plus $5m incentives with Astros.

SPRO Analysis - Houston overpays for Morton. If you're hankering for a pitcher whose last full season was a 4.81 ERA in the National League or one who was hurt last year, he's your man. Way too much money here. SPRO 1 year $2,792,000.

Re-Signed with Club

Week of November 14

Drew Butera signs 2 year $3,800,000 contract with Royals w/$1.5m in 2017, $2.3m in 2018.

SPRO Analysis - Kansas City pays market value for Butera. We woudln't have given him the second year, but the numbers are okay for the first. SPRO 1 year $1,382,000.

Free Agents Signings

Week of November 7

Bartolo Colon signs 1 year $12,500,000 with Braves.

SPRO Analysis - Atlanta pays market value for Colon. They're going old and going young, but this contract, considering Colon's plus years is right in the mix. SPRO 1 year $13,384,000.

R.A. Dickey signs 1 year $8,000,000 with Braves, including team option for $8m in 2018 with $500,000 buyout.

SPRO Analysis - Atlanta pays market value for Dickey. Starting to diminish with four straight years of Rolling Average decline, but the numbers say this is okay. SPRO 1 year $9,465,000. Although, to be honest, I don't think we'd have done it.

Kendry Morales signs 3 year $33,000,000 with Blue Jays.

SPRO Analysis - Toronto pays market value for Morales. SPRO 3 years $30,156,000.

Jesse Chavez signs 1 year $5,750,000 with Angels plus $2.5m incentives.

SPRO Analysis - Los Angeles of Anaheim overpays for Chavez. Sure, if he becomes an effective starter over twenty plus starts, his value will rise, but there was a reason he was sent to the bullpen to garner a rising ERA. SPRO 1 year $3,019,000.

Re-Signed with Club

Week of November 7

Chris Heisey resigns 1 year $1,400,000 with Nationals.

SPRO Analysis - Washington pays market value for Heisey. SPRO 1 year $1,396,000.

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Qualifying Offer Players

Week of November 7

Would We or Wouldn't We

Jeremy Hellickson SPRO VALUE $8,208,000 (2017), 3-$25,495,000 (Contract).

SPRO Analysis - TAKE Qualifying Offer. As one of the better free agent pitchers out there, Hellickson will likely get a better deal than the one SPRO thinks he's worth, but, if he does not, take the offer.

Yoenis Cespedes SPRO VALUE $16,291,000 (2017), 5-$86,714,000 (Contract).

SPRO Analysis - TURN DOWN Qualifying Offer. Bigger payday will be out there.

Neil Walker SPRO VALUE $9,623,000 (2017), 3-$29,892,000 (Contract).

SPRO Analysis - TURN DOWN Qualifying Offer. Walker is diminishing, so he'd be taking a risk, if a three year contract is out there, not to take it.

Mark Trumbo SPRO VALUE $10,870,000 (2017), 3-$33,764,000 (Contract).

SPRO Analysis - TURN DOWN Qualifying Offer.

Jose Bautista SPRO VALUE $19,782,000 (2017), 3-$61,447,000 (Contract).

SPRO Analysis - TURN DOWN Qualifying Offer.

Edwin Encarnacion SPRO VALUE $20,786,000 (2017), 5-$110,643,000 (Contract).

SPRO Analysis - TURN DOWN Qualifying Offer.

Kenley Jansen SPRO VALUE $17,706,000 (2017), 5-$94,245,000 (Contract).

SPRO Analysis - TURN DOWN Qualifying Offer. Jansen will likely get offered a contract at the top of the best relief pitcher offers ever. We wouldn't give it to him, though, despite his great 2016 season, and what SPRO says.

Justin Turner SPRO VALUE $14,185,000 (2017), 4-$59,604,000 (Contract).

SPRO Analysis - TURN DOWN Qualifying Offer. Turner seems to be getting better with age and someone will offer him a good long term contract.

Ian Desmond SPRO VALUE $11,790,000 (2017), 4-$49,542,000 (Contract).

SPRO Analysis - TURN DOWN Qualifying Offer. QO was higher than we'd ever pay him, but a long term contract with lower average per year $ is probably best for Desmond.

Dexter Fowler SPRO VALUE $11,942,000 (2017), 4-$50,181,000 (Contract).

SPRO Analysis - TURN DOWN Qualifying Offer. Similar to rationale for Desmond, although with World Series fresh in mind, Fowler will likely get the quicker long term deal.

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What else happened that year? January 17, 1871 - Andrew Smith Hallidie patents an improvement in endless wire and rope ways for cable cars. And on November 17, 1871 - The National Rifle Association is granted a charter by the State of New York.

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