JDP Econ - What Do We Do

JDP Econ specializes in publishing websites and books on the topics of long term research studies, including American history, Major League Baseball, World's Fairs and Expositions, plus other economic and business topics. The publishing division for web and book projects includes partnerships with americasbesthistory.com, baseballevaluation.com and Stat Geek Baseball, the western fiction novel Freeborn, and other non-fiction business reports.

Publishing Division

Our publishing division includes two segments; web and book publications. Americasbesthistory.com and statgeekbaseball.com cover the topics with information for web users, while their book and ebook publications on the same topics; America's Best History Timeline and Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book and Fields of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work provides readers with books on the topic that are either easy to hold or search.


America's Best History

Inspired by the best historic sites across the USA, americasbesthistory.com is one place where the history tourist can start, with a timeline history of the USA, plus pages dedicated to the most historic site attractions across the nation, as well as coverage of the events and commemorations of their anniversaries.

Stat Geek Baseball and Baseball Evaluation

5,000 Hours of Research and now a Player Rating System that Mirrors the Way Real Baseball Values Its Players with Stats you can get Nowhere Else! Coming up, baseballevaluation will be rebranded as statgeekbaseball and provide a bright introduction into how baseball players of all eras should be valued.


Expo Dynamics Projects

Although not currently engaged in the expo research field, our ten year study of international attendance dynamics has led to ExpoCheck post reports for Zaragosa 2008 and Shanghai 2010. Download now safe and secure in pdf format.


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